Some interesting interviews with Digital Nomads from around the world, how they got into it, how they handled the coov and where next...     Digital N...View Details

Prague has a crazy summer riverside area called Naplavka, it's a great place to party now everything is open...   <a href=" Details

One small mistake can now make you unemployable or an outcast. If you're financially independent or on that road you're mostly cancel proof, this is a...View Details

Anyone Can Do FIRE

Anyone can do FIRE, yes even you! If you're interested you can take steps today to move towards fire.   YouTube Channel - please subscribe:https://www...View Details

Life is short and time is running out, if you're interested in being a digital nomad you can take small steps today to move in that direction, and any...View Details

Geoarbitrage is at the core of Digital Nomadism. Earn money from expensive country clients and live in a cheap country. I discuss that in this episode...View Details

The bible of the Digital Nomad community (alongside, perhaps, Vagabonding) is Tim Ferris' The 4-Hour Work Week. I look again at this classic book, and...View Details

I've met so many travellers who put all their stuff in storage then travel, and keep travelling. It's easy to slip into this but ultimately storage is...View Details

Like when you live on Mars the environment is constantly trying to kill you, when you own crypto the environment is constantly trying to make you lose...View Details

Saving, something nobody is taught about in school, has several 'magical' properties. Good things that flow from it. In this episode I talk about this...View Details

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