Travelling in 2020 is very different to 2001/2 when I started. There are now many super useful gadgets that didn't exist back then. Here are my top 10...View Details

I've been a Digital Nomad for over 15 years.  Here are 10 classic mistakes I made so you don't have to....   Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast Tap subscri...View Details

The key to being a Digital Nomad, unless you already have a lot of savings, is being able to make money on the road. I discuss this topic today.   Dig...View Details

Minimalism, travelling light and being a digital nomad go hand in hand. Travelling and digital nomadding is so much more enjoyable and freeing when yo...View Details

My thoughts on how covid will effect the Digital Nomad and FIRE communities. Light at the end of the tunnel.   Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast Tap subsc...View Details

The large recent recovery in the stock market is insane - we're about to enter probably the biggest depression in human history, making the Great Depr...View Details

This is my number one biggest money saving tip. Just do this in life, and you'll probably be able to save a lot of money.   Digital Nomad on FIRE Podc...View Details

My Top 10 Money Saving Travel Hacks1. Hand luggage Only2. Hostels not hotels3. Hand wash clothing4. Prioritise cheap countries5. Haggle When Appropria...View Details

My 5 Essential Digital Nomad Tips, from over 15 years on the road...   Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast Tap subscribe in any podcast app to never miss an...View Details

Here's a quick story about how I got caught up in the covid travel madness recently...   Digital Nomad on FIRE Podcast Tap subscribe in any podcast ap...View Details

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